What can I say? First College is one of the best school that I have studied in. I’m from the Philippines and I absolutely have a not-so-good English. But everyone from the school, especially our teacher have been very patient with us and never make us feel intimidated. The lectures and teachings are very interesting and academically stimulating. It encourages participation and exchanging of ideas and opinions. The school personnel and the school itself is so welcoming that it feels like home. My classmates and I are working 2 or more jobs while taking the course, it’s really tough for us. But thanks to Gary for all the encouraging words….we’re almost there!
Lalaine Aquino
My name is Shannon Smilski. I am a HCA graduate from First College. I am a bit of a unique HCA graduate as I have several years’ experience in the industry, but I entered British Columbia from another province, and my certification was not completely and fully recognized by the BC Registry, which is actually good in one way, as we know they have very high standards to meet. It is with so much gratitude for the instructor Jean and Office Manager Enya that really positively encouraged me to follow through and get the certification. I managed to pull history from my past employers to prove my skills, and I was accepted into a program which expressed part of the course, and I obtained my full certification. This college is smaller than some, which makes it really at the top of the list of my recommendations as being smaller seems to make it more personable. I would highly recommend this college. You won’t be disappointed. Sincerely, Shannon Smilski HCA
Shannon Smilski
It has been an amazing experience and a real pleasure to study at First College, a good learning atmosphere. I really enjoy the teaching styles and admire our teacher, being cheerful, helpful and her professional skills. Thanks to the school’s staff particularly to Gary which motivates and encourages us. I’ve glad to be part of First College!
Alma Grace Llanos