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Field Trip to Okaped

Today, the first college's students had an amazing field trip to Okaped! This leading Pedorthic Clinic in the Okanagan provided a unique opportunity for our students to learn about foot health and personalized support. 👣💡

Our students had the chance to observe and participate in the custom foot orthotics process, seeing firsthand how these devices can improve foot and leg conditions. They also learned about knee and ankle braces, and how they can help athletes and active individuals stay pain-free. 💪👍

We're thrilled that our students could take part in such a hands-on educational experience. It's opportunities like these that set our college apart and help our students become even better professionals in their fields. 🏅🎯

Thanks to the amazing team at Okaped for hosting our students and sharing their knowledge and expertise with us! We can't wait to bring future groups to your clinic.

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