First College 2019 HCA Student Testimonials

Mathea – “First College is an awesome place to further your education, they have small class sizes, great instructors, as well I love the day seminars on issues that pertain to becoming an HCA. Best decision I’ve made in regards to education. Can’t wait to take my LPN next. Never dread going to school!”

Maffy – “Working, enjoy family life while studying is hard, but First College gives me the opportunity to take the HCA course. My teacher gives me more knowledge and guides me to develop my passion to take care of other people.”

Suzette – “First College is a remarkable college. I am grateful for the small class sizes, easy parking and a fun learning environment. I’ve discovered my passion as an HCA, I am beyond ecstatic to start my new career as a professionally trained HCA. The flexible schedule has been detrimental, as I have a busy lifestyle and work schedule. If you don’t take achance, how will you ever know!”

Joannie – “When I reflect on my 9 months of staying in this institution, I conclude that the experience not only made me a better student, but also prepared me in unpredictable ways for my career through incredibly supportive classmates and professor, who were nothing short of being champions.”

Gina – “Taking the HCA course at First College gives me the opportunity to learn and develop my skills to become a good health care provider. It also gives me the chance to meet new people that I share struggles and laughter. The staff are very helpful, genuine, inclusive respectful and supportive, especially our teacher!”

Josephine – “The best time for a new beginning is now while the opportunity is open. So start now at First College to achieve your goals – Success is the way to go!”

Maylyn – “If you are thinking of becoming an HCA…Think of First College!”

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