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Here’s why more Canadians are considering becoming Health Care Assistants in B.C.

According to the 2018 BC Labour Market Outlook, approximately 6,000 new Health Care Assistant jobs will be created in our province over the next ten years.

Consider a career in providing care?

Health Care Assistants make a tremendous impact on the lives of others by acting as the front-line care providers for individuals and their families.

With a huge demand for Health Care Assistants in our province, B.C.’s healthcare industry presents an incredible opportunity for those looking for a meaningful career that pays well.

To help you better understand the job, we’ve partnered with to highlight everything you need to know about the training, responsibilities, and rewards associated with becoming a Health Care Assistant in B.C.

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Health Care Assistants (HCAs) provide personal care assistance and support for a variety of clients and their families. This includes providing care for older adults, people living with disabilities and/or chronic illnesses, and clients who are receiving palliative care. Ultimately, HCAs help these people maintain their health, safety, independence, comfort, well-being and overall quality of life.

Simply put, HCAs make a difference in people’s lives, every single day.

HCAs are also responsible for assisting clients with their mobility, activities of daily living, and personal care. They observe and monitor their clients, and are responsible for completing records and reporting changes and unsafe conditions to their supervisors, which include Doctors and Nurse Practitioners.

It’s easier than you might think!

In British Columbia, you can actually complete your training, register, and start working as a Health Care Assistant in less than a year. The BC Care Aide & Community Health Worker Registry maintains a comprehensive list of every public and private institution in BC that offers a recognized Health Care Assistant program. You can view an online map of training schools close to you HERE.

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Recruitment of new health care assistants to fill current and future needs is a huge priority for employers, unions and government throughout the province. As a result, HCAs in B.C. receive competitive starting wages, awesome benefits and flexible schedules. In fact, there’s currently a high-demand for casual, and part-time Health Care assistant work available throughout the province. Best of all, becoming an HCA opens doors to other healthcare professions and opportunities, making it a fantastic starting career for those interested in healthcare.

That said, there is so much value in being part of a healthcare team above and beyond compensation.

Health Care Assistants are vital front-line care providers who are directly responsible for the well-being of clients and their loved ones. If you want to make a difference in your community, a real tangible difference, consider becoming a Health Care Assistant in British Columbia today.

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