• Testimonials

  • 2021 RMT Introduction Massage Course Students

    "All information provided gave great insight into the program and what to expect."


    "Useful answers to all my questions, great tips and tricks!"


    "I loved the hands-on time in the course and learning the ins and outs of terms/board exams. Both two instructors are beyond wonderful."


    "I was very nervous to do hands-on things, but Linz and Danielle made me feel comfortable and gave me a great overview of everything. I am very excited to start."


    "Very easy to follow the instructors' program for the two-day intro course."


    "I enjoyed the course and feel like I have a better understanding of what to expect during the program."


    "Everyone is really easy to get along within the class, the teachers seem to really care about teaching us and helping us reach our goal!"


    "Great course, very glad this is before school starts to get us excited and exposure to the program."


    "The course was short, sweet, full of info and fun. very nice getting to become familiar with the instructors and other students."

  • 2020 RMT Introduction Massage Course Students

    "This course was very informative and a lot more helpful in whether or not this course was for me."


    "Very informative; I think this is a very beneficial component. It really gives you the feel for the job! All of the instructors were very knowledgeable and professional, it was very refreshing. I am very excited to hopefully start this program, it seems amazing."


    "Loved the hands-on experience!"


    "Great introduction to the RMT program, I appreciated the balance between instruction and hands-on therapy."


    "I enjoyed taking the workshop. It's nice to get a small taste of the course before applying for the 2-year diploma."


    "Everyone was very nice and made the weekend fun; even though I was out of my comfort zone, I felt very safe."


    "Very good briefing on what to anticipate. A well-thought-through program with two passionate and communicative individuals running it. Looking forward to learning much more."


    "This helped me better understand details of the program and profession. Thank you so much for the course. It was well delivered and lots of fun."


    "Thanks Lindsey & Danielle for a great introduction to massage therapy. Learned loads, looking forward to learning more in the future!"


    "Presented a fantastic blend of professionalism and friendly attitude."


    "Very informative and gave me a better outlook on RMT. I very much enjoyed this course! :)"

  • 2019 Faculty of Health Students

    “First College is an awesome place to further your education, they have small class sizes, great instructors, as well I love the day seminars on issues that pertain to becoming an HCA. Best decision I’ve made in regards to education. Can’t wait to take my LPN next. Never dread going to school!”


    “Working, enjoy family life while studying is hard, but First College gives me the opportunity to take the HCA course. My teacher gives me more knowledge and guides me to develop my passion to take care of other people.”


    “First College is a remarkable college. I am grateful for the small class sizes, easy parking and a fun learning environment. I’ve discovered my passion as an HCA, I am beyond ecstatic to start my new career as a professionally trained HCA. The flexible schedule has been detrimental, as I have a busy lifestyle and work schedule. If you don’t take a chance, how will you ever know!”


    “When I reflect on my 9 months of staying in this institution, I conclude that the experience not only made me a better student, but also prepared me in unpredictable ways for my career through incredibly supportive classmates and professor, who were nothing short of being champions.”


    “Taking the HCA course at First College gives me the opportunity to learn and develop my skills to become a good health care provider. It also gives me the chance to meet new people that I share struggles and laughter. The staff are very helpful, genuine, inclusive respectful and supportive, especially our teacher!”


    “The best time for a new beginning is now while the opportunity is open. So start now at First College to achieve your goals – Success is the way to go!”


    “If you are thinking of becoming an HCA…Think of First College!”

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